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Travel Health Information

Travel Health Advisor provides subscribers with a personalised "Travel Health Report" service. These personalised travel health reports integrate recommendations on vaccines, seasonal diseases advice, malaria endemicity maps, through to travel kit items to consider, for an itinerary of up to 10 countries. Only Travel Health Advisor provides such integrated personalised travel health reports.

Personalised travel health report requests made by fax can be generated and returned within the same day. However, we recommend that subscribers take advantage of the website, as this is what we use ourselves to service all other requests!

The Travel Health Advisor website provides 24 hour on-demand access to:

  • An online generator that creates personalised travel health reports instantly. These reports can be retrieved again at any time.
  • A news section covering outbreaks and general travel health news.
  • Fact sheets that provide information on medications, vaccines and a range of travel health issues.
  • Any of this information can be instantly integrated into the patient's medical record (by cut and paste).

Access For Non-Subscribers

Members of the public can also purchase a Travel Health Report for a fee of $A25 plus GST. Individuals and group travellers can contact us by email or fax. Email is the preferred contact method. Note that faxed reponses will not provide you with full colour malaria maps.